A Necklace to Remember

ADORETTE™-NewsEthnic fashions are all the rage, and the Duchess of Cambridge most certainly set a new standard on her visit to India, once the motherland of most precious and semi-precious gems known to man. The jewellery was and is legendary. You can be, too, with this magnificent pearl and gemstone necklace. Wear it to a party and make people wonder and whisper. Have you seen her necklace? She’s so pretty in it. How on earth can she afford such lavish jewels, my word? Enjoy and smile.

Fabulous Florals

ADORETTE™-NewsGet that spring right into your step and all over your lovely person. Talking floral jewellery here. Romantic, stylish, sexy and ever such scrumptious eye candy for the beholder of true beauty in concert with nature and artistic temperament. Make them swoon. Great mission , right?

A Thing of Spring

ADORETTE™-NewsWhat took you so long? At last our days are getting longer and brighter again. A friendly sun is bringing out first signs of exciting new jewellery styles for all us seekers of blue skies, birdsong filled air and gem-studded lightness of life. Its called spring and its been about rebirth and renewal ever since times immemorial. Adorette will be with you all along this lovely shopping journey to new jewel styles and colours. Welcome to the that thing of spring – we’re loving it already.

Blingy Biography

Untitled design-4The Adorette team has been even busier than usual these last weeks. Why? Because nice things are going on behind the scenes here. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted. Now, let’s talk the towering season of giving. And about ultimate signs of love. A rose? A box of chocolate? A diamond ring? Check out Astley Clarke and their wonderful Biography range and find perfect gifts for your inner goddess. Sounds right? Thought so. Well, these are the symbols given to you by your (hopefully) beloved. What about that important love for yourself? The kind that can be seen eloquently dripping from your ears or philosophically sitting around your neck. Or that empowering ring of power and wisdom? There is a sacred realm inside the world of your accessories that has the venerable sign of “Exclusively Me” outside the lacy gate guarding it.

Autumn Colour Locket

Untitled designHow lovely is this pretty autumn colour designer locket? We all here fell for it upon first sight. It has a classic, ornamental, almost Renaissance style about it and will surely protect your sweet little secrets admirably. Shop with Adorette for this highly recommended precious jewel, a beautiful gold vermeil locket features a carol swirl enamel designed. Secured by a matching silver chain. Get it while its available, this will fly.

Statement of the Art

14-2Upon our word, there always comes that time when you’re required to stick to simple elegance. But with the new twists of sassiness and the brilliant touch of luxury, Adorette delivers to you all jewellery and accessory styles you may ever need to reach your desired less-is-so-much-more glamour.

So lets talk about effective statements. When it comes to that special, even emotional piece of jewellery that you would take with you wherever you went, a single, yet powerfully expressive personal ring you want to look at CARAT* London first. Make that statement ring the base for your vintage or post-modern chicness. These rings are the castles of panache built upon the idea of eyecatching as well as the acceleration of one’s public perception, yet so much more elevated from the ground up than the rest, right? We here at Adorette offer those most personal enhancements ready to take you to the next level.

Sweet Symbols

SWEETAdorette loves symbolic jewels and their meanings. Symbols are incredibly important in jewellery design and picking the most powerful one is a deeply personal decision. Trinkets and precious stones often carry positive symbolism and convey a message of affection through a meaningful ring or pendant of true love. incorporated with precious metals, they are all the more special. The classic combinations such as original gold combined with birthstones like emeralds, rubies, and even amethyst and agates are popular gifts. Shapes are also very symbolic. Heart shaped necklaces, earrings, and rings are popular for any season, current trend being diamond set in white gold. Pearls symbolise purity. A pearl necklace can be passed down from generation to generation. Symbolic jewellery is lasting and timeless.

Summer Silver Shimmer

silverEvery season has it’s “go to” trend. And so does summer 2015. Adorette can see silver bangles, necklaces, pendants and accessories being all the rage in the market. From layered chain necklaces to stunning sterling ring sets; silver is making headlines. There are multiple ways to wear silver. Combining it with precious gems is what’s trending for our much awaited summer 2015. Silver necklaces can easily be converted into head pieces, and dainty rings can be looped with a silver chain to create a lovely necklace. Silver flatters cool undertones the best, but with versatile styling methods, it can easily work for warmer tones as well. White metal shimmer accessories are definitely another must have for this years sun-kissed holidays, so dig into your personal silver jewellery mine here at Adorette UK my lovelies.

Vibes of Summer

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 15.43.10We here at Adorette notice the vibe for jewellery this summer 2015 is eclectic with earth inspiring themes. Floral designs incorporated with precious stones will be highly sought after in a variety of deep earth tones. Matte Neon colors or Sea Green shades, accentual or as the sole color, will be very popular and difficult to obtain. Attention to detail is key for steel, brass, or any other metal jewelry that is not high end. Craftsmanship is an important factor when selecting pieces to invest in. Geometric shapes i.e. triangles with intricately placed gemstones, can transform basic metals into high end jewelry. The accessorizing is simple with accessories containing less precious gems, but creatively cut and melted affordable metal is just as impactful. Can you feel the precious vibes, too?

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