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A Necklace to Remember

ADORETTE™-NewsEthnic fashions are all the rage, and the Duchess of Cambridge most certainly set a new standard on her visit to India, once the motherland of most precious and ..continue

Fabulous Florals

ADORETTE™-NewsGet that spring right into your step and all over your lovely person. Talking floral jewellery here. Romantic, stylish, sexy and ever such scrumptious eye candy ..continue


A Thing of Spring

ADORETTE™-NewsWhat took you so long? At last our days are getting longer and brighter again. A friendly sun is bringing out first signs of exciting new jewellery styles for ..continue

Sensational Styles

ADORETTE™-NewsAdorette is busy looking through all those new trends in the jewellery field for the upcoming seasons. Warmer weather is not that far away, darlings, so don't ..continue